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Who’s the cheese to your crackers? Someone that’s more tender than a steak? A genuine gem who’s up to lots of good?

At Four Square, we’ve always been about making life a little bit easier wherever we can. We know there are lot’s of great Kiwis who do they same every day too and as proud partners of Good Sorts on 1 News at 6pm we want to celebrate all that they do. Because all those little bits of good, add up to a lot of good in our communities.

So if you have a mate who’s doing legendary things, we want to hear about it. Nominate them now. Then stay tuned to Good Sorts on 1 News at 6pm every Sunday and you might just see your mate on the TV!

Get nominating someone you’d raise a cuppa to today!

Four Square, proud partners of Good Sorts on 1 News Sunday at 6:55pm.