Tips for keeping warm

We asked you to share your tips for keeping warm on our Facebook page. Over a thousand warm and cozy Kiwis responded! Here's some of our favourite tips:

Keep warm this winter!

Keep the house warm

  • Invest in roof insulation and thermal curtains. They don't cost much and are worth every penny! – Bradley R 
  • Close all the curtains before the sun goes down – this helps lock in the warmth. - Liz M
  • Door runners are great to put in front of doors to keep chilly drafts out. - Arron C
  • Close all doors to rooms not being used - especially those connecting to the hallway. This helps to keep draughts and 'cold' windowpanes from affecting the general heating required for rooms being used. - Jeanette J

Wrap up snug

  • I put my kids onesies or PJs in dryer to warm up so they’re nice and toasty warm for when they get home from school on cold days, they love it - topped off with a cuppa tea each and cookies. - Shannon J
  • Microwave your underwear before putting them on and going outside! - Wendy Y
  • Invest in a onesie – doesn’t matter your age or size they keep you warm as toast! -Melissa M
  • Wear plenty of base layer clothing such as merino thermals! - Trent F.

Eat up!

  • Pop your crockpot on in the morning, you are guaranteed a hot meal in the evening - Lee H
  • Cooking meals in the oven, i.e. rice pudding, lasagne, casserole, roasts... it makes the house warm and welcoming with the aroma of home cooked goodness. -  Catherine C
  • Eat lots of oily fish, omega 3 increases blood flow so your feet and hands won’t get so cold Matthew F

Check out our recipe database for mealtime inspiration.

 Bedtime stories

  • Have a shower before going to bed and you'll have a better sleep. – Shirley B
  • A hot water bottle keeps me warm as well as keeping the power bill down - Coral P
  • Placing woollen blankets under the bottom sheet on your bed will help with keeping you warm. This I have done ever since my children were very young. and now the grandchildren. Works well if you can’t afford the power bill for electric blankets and safer. Jacqui D
  • Put your pillow under the blankets with your electric blanket on before you go to bed.... so come bed time not only do you have a nice warm bed but also a toasty warm pillow to keep your head warm as well! - Michelle B
  • Let the cats sleep with you. They squeeze in tight to your body and are better than hot water bottles... - Elaine B

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