Welcome to our Four Square store! We’re proud to be part of the long-standing iconic ‘Kiwi’ brand that has been the ‘local’ for New Zealand communities since 1924. So whether you’re keeping it local, or on tour, we’re here to make it easy for you. Become a local, and shop where all Kiwis love to shop. Always welcome. Always local. Always Four Square. Marc and Caroline welcome you to Four Square Brightwater.

Sponsorship and community involvement:

  • St John Health Shuttle
  • Local junior football
  • Four Square Brightwater supporter of many local events

Store features:

  • Extensive range of hardware products
  • Fresh meat, fruit and vegetables
  • Chilled beer and wine for any occasion
  • NZ Post
  • Lotto


Congratulations to our Endless Summer promotion winner 2016!


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