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Price Rollback

We've lowered prices on everyday grocery items.


What is Price Rollback? 

From Monday 16 May we’re rolling back the prices on everyday grocery items to what they averaged over 25 January to 25 April 2021. 

Why are you dropping prices? 

The cost of living is a challenge affecting New Zealanders and we believe we have a responsibility as a 100% locally owned and operated supermarket to support our communities and customers in every way we can. Dropping the prices of everyday grocery items is a way we can make a meaningful difference to our customers.  

How did you choose the products to rollback? 

New Zealanders buy 1.3million of these products from Foodstuffs stores a week.  We wanted to roll back the prices on the products that matter the most to New Zealanders so we looked at our customer data to find the everyday items our customers are frequently buying. The rollback range includes fresh and frozen veges, fruit, meat, dairy products including cheese and butter and personal care products like nappies, soap and toothpaste. 

Are fruit and veges included? 

We’re really pleased to have some of our customers’ favourite fresh produce included in the price roll back – like carrots, apples, and onions.  You won’t see highly seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables like broccoli and spinach in the basket, this is because we trade constantly to get customers the best deal on these each day, and we’ll continue to work hard to deliver the best value through winter. 

Is milk included? 

We’ve included a UHT milk in the basket of products. 

Was anything else deliberately excluded – like tobacco or lollies? 

We focused on products that matter the most to our customers and worked hard to roll back the price on products that will make the most difference to New Zealanders. Alcohol products and lollies aren’t considered essentials by most customers, so these aren’t on the list.  

How long are you dropping prices for?  

This price rollback is for 13 weeks, starting from Monday 16 May, until Sunday 14 August 2022. We made this decision in recognition these are extraordinary times and New Zealanders must be able to afford the everyday items they need in their weekly shop over the next few months.  We’ll still have thousands of our usual specials on and we’ve got lots of ideas up our sleeves for future ways to help.  

Why drop the price of only these products? 

New Zealanders buy 1.3million of these products from Foodstuffs stores a week. We’ve looked at our customer data to find the range of everyday products our customers are frequently buying and focused on rolling back the prices on these. We’re confident reducing prices on these carefully chosen products will make a difference to the grocery bill of nearly every New Zealander who shops with us. We’ll still have heaps of specials on other products every week – this is something on top of that which we think will help New Zealanders with the current pressures on the cost of living. 

Who pays for this price rollback?  

We’re completely covering the cost of this initiative, sometimes selling the products below cost price. There’s no impact on our customers or suppliers. 

Are you just trying to force people to buy your own brand products so you make more money? 

We carefully selected these products based on what customers are buying most often, and we’re really pleased to have a range of brands included in the rollback. Some of these are Pams and Value branded products, which are popular among our customers for their awesome quality at fantastic value.  

Will there be product limits? 

Yes, we want to make sure everyone gets a fair shake of the Price Rollback so there will be limits on some of the products. 

Will the products be the same in every store? 

The product selection will vary across Four Square stores. The kind of products on the list will be the same in every store, for example: cheese, pasta, butter, toilet roll – but the brand may vary.  

Will the price of each product be the same in every store? 

No.  The prices are rolled back to last year’s prices in each store, so they may vary from store to store. 

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