Feeding Kaikoura - the week in numbers

The Foodstuffs team doing whatever it takes to get supplies into town.

  • The Foodstuffs team doing whatever it takes to get supplies into town; truck, frigate, chopper
  • Staff coming in from Christchurch to relieve the local team

It's been a week all about numbers, with 7.8 being the one on everyone's lips in Kaikoura and surrounding regions. The community is facing some significant challenges adjusting to their new normal which includes having to get creative with tinned food and other pantry staples.*

"Yesterday (17/11/16) was pretty busy for our distribution team. We choppered in 17 pallets of goods, loaded 30 pallets into the HMNZS Canterbury - which is now anchored and being offloaded, and we have another 12 pallets of products on trucks in Culverden waiting to be airlifted into town. It's honestly like an episode of Thunderbirds - with all systems go," says Steve Anderson, Managing Director, Foodstuffs New Zealand Ltd.

"The robust systems we have in place for times like these are working well. Our team, our stores and our distribution network are all working as usual, with the obvious exception of Kaikoura - but even there, we're doing better than expected," affirms Anderson.

Hanmer Springs is well and truly open for business, including the Hanmer Springs Four Square. "We escaped the quakes with surprisingly little damage as did the vast majority of attractions and accommodation options. The lack of damage here means our local community has been focused on collecting donations and delivering essentials to those who need them elsewhere," says John Dawber, owner/operator. "We encourage people to head our way and relieve some of the tension they are no doubt feeling after the events of the week. There's nothing like a soak in a hot spring or a spa massage to get you back on track."

Four Square Kaikoura remains closed at this point.

Otherwise, distribution and stocks are holding up well throughout the South Island.

*Simple recipes using cans (and other shelf stable stuff)

When your power supply is intermittent and your best option is using canned goods it can get a little challenging in what's left of the kitchen. Here are a couple of simple, nourishing meal ideas which you can whip up in a few minutes over a gas ring or on the BBQ.

Three Bean Chili - it's warm, delicious and packed with protein

In a large saucepan fry off an onion, if you have one, until soft. If you don't - don't worry. Add a tin each of crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, pinto beans, white beans, red kidney beans and if you have it a couple of pinches of dried chilli flakes and Tabasco sauce for a bit of a kick. Heat to boiling then reduce heat to low, cover and simmer 15 minutes to blend flavours, stirring occasionally. If you can get your hands on a bit of cheese or parsley from the garden, sprinkle this on top as you serve in a bowls. Should feed around six hungry people.

Hawaiian Fried Rice - summer flavours from a can

You'll need a saucepan and a fry pan for this one. First grab the saucepan, and heat a container of liquid chicken stock to boiling; add 1 cup of either brown or white rice. Reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer for around 20 minutes. Meanwhile, in a fry pan heat a tbsp. of oil and scramble two eggs if you have them. Remove to plate when they are cooked to your liking. Fry off a diced onion (and, if you have it, a diced clove of garlic) until soft. Add the drained, cooked rice to the fry pan and then stir in two tbsp. of soy sauce, a drained can each of diced Spam, corn, peas, diced pineapple and mix well. Cook 5 minutes until ingredients are heated through. Serve to the troops - should feed around four.

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